iPad® Cassette

The iPad® Cassette is perfect for bringing displays to life by displaying dynamic information and encouraging visitor interactivity.

iPad® Cassette

Subtle But Dynamic

Our iPad® Cassette is the ideal way to encourage interactivity for galleries, showrooms, exhibitions, conferences, events and trade shows. Interactivity is a great way to enhance your visitor experience and turns visitors of any age into the most inquisitive of explorers. You can display information in a clear presentation at an angle of 60 degrees and a height that is easy to read for all. Switch easily between portrait or landscape formats and choose from desktop, floor stand or wall-mounted versions.

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Price: £145.00

Flexible And Discreet

The iPad® Cassette works with all current iPad® models from version 2 onwards, it is portable but theft proof and comes with the home button protected from public access. Accessible home button available on request. Features also include discreet access to the on/off switch and audio port and the ability to charge while docked with adaptor and wires hidden and protected.

Dimensions And Finish

The iPad® Cassette measures 308mm wide, 205mm high and 16mm deep. With the Floor Stand, the Cassette has an overall height of approximately 1000mm with a 330mm diameter stable base plate and is available in silver or black PPC (a hard wearing baked on finish). It is also available in Wall Mounted and Desk Stand versions.

Useful Tips And Guidelines

The iPad® Cassette can be used with either our Floor Stand or Wall Mount using the fixing points on the back. These same fixings enable the Cassette to be switched between landscape or portrait formats and are VESA compliant so that it can also be used with any standard monitor mount.

The iPad® Cassette also comes with a small tray inside the Cassette. This has been specifically designed to fit the newer Air and Air 2 models. If you are using an iPad® that pre-dates this, then please remove the tray.

What’s included

iPad® Cassette only:
1 x Cassette, 4 x Security Screws, 1 x Security Screwdriver Bit

Freestanding iPad® Cassette:
1 x Floor Stand, 1 x Cassette, 4 x Security Screws, 1 x Security Screwdriver Bit

Wall Mounted iPad® Cassette:
1 x Wall Mount, 1 x Cassette, 4 x Security Screws, 1 Security Screwdriver Bit

Desk Stand iPad® Cassette:
1 x Desk Stand, 1 x Cassette, 4 x Security Screws, 1 x Security Screwdriver Bit

What’s not included: Cable. Please note that for the Freestanding iPad® Cassette you will need an extended cable which is available from the Apple® store.

Key Features of the iPad® Cassette

  • Choice of desk, floor or wall-mounted
  • Use in landscape and portrait formats
  • Fits all current iPad® models, including iPad® Air 2
  • Speaker grill for improved audio
  • Secure. Complete with integrated lock
  • Fits any Vesa computer mount
  • ADA compliant


Download the installation instructions below or contact our support team on:

+44 (0)1769 572389