Essential Barrier

A new barrier with the same high quality but for tighter budgets.

Essential Barrier

Redrawing The Line

Absolute have developed the Essential Barrier to meet the needs of our clients in a challenging economic climate. The barrier is the same height and works with the same elasticated cord as our popular Freestanding Barrier range, but is produced using the latest manufacturing techniques to provide a product to help the tightest of budgets.

The Essential Barrier features a flat silver finish that will work comfortably in a wide variety of settings and has integrated non slip pads that will ensure it stays put and doesn't mark that precious floor. The cord is fixed in place by simply tightening the integrated grub screw, and we even provide the screwdriver to achieve this.

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Price: £53.00

Neutral Finish

When surrounding an exhibit, the neutral finish and clean lines sit comfortably within the museum and gallery environment. An elasticated cord connects the barriers and draws a straight line in the air, blending with the architecture of the building and ensuring that the artwork is the object of attention. If choosing to define the protected space more sharply, the elasticated cord is available in red, white, black and yellow, highlighting the boundary of the exhibit. Our Essential Barrier has modular accessories such as Wall Terminators that allow clean tie-backs directly to the wall, Cord Connectors where you wish to surround an exhibit, and Signage Adaptors combined with our Label Holders to transform the barriers into an informative venue.

Dimensions and Finish

Our Essential Barrier has an anodized aluminium upright, fixed to a brushed steel base. It is a total height of 400mm with a 230mm diameter base and a 19mm wide upright.

Useful Tips and Guidelines

Whenever possible, barriers should be placed in a symmetrical fashion in front of an artwork or exhibit, as this maintains good overall visual harmony.

We recommend the spacing between the barriers to be 1.5m to 1.8m. This will help the barriers to blend discreetly with the environment and not overcrowd the display.

For the best finish, it is important to ensure that the cord maintains a level straight line between barriers.

What's included

1 x Anodized Aluminium Upright (including countersunk bolt and grub screw for securing cord)
1 x Brushed Steel Base
1 x Allen Key
1 x Screw Driver (per batch)

What's not included: Elasticated Cord, Cord Connectors, Wall Terminators

Key Features of the Essential Barrier

  • Neutral, clean lines that blend with the environment
  • Ease of assembly
  • Different design yet the same high standard
  • Compatible with current products
  • Elasticated Cord fits easily into top of upright


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