Stiletto® Retractable Barrier

The Stiletto® is the slimmest, most stylish retractable on the market, designed to guide visitors in environments where the look is as important as the surroundings.

Stiletto® Retractable Barrier

Elegant but Effective Guidance

Our brand new Stiletto® Retractable Barrier is a quantum leap forward for installations where you wish to simply and easily change the location or layout of your barriers. It features beautifully clean lines, hard-wearing, museum grade materials and a sleek retractable belt for ultimate flexibility. The uniquely compact cassette mechanism creates the slimmest most aesthetically pleasing barrier available. It will enhance a wide range of environments from protecting displays and guiding visitors to denoting VIP areas.

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Price: £165.00

Slim, Subtle, Flexible

Unlike standard retractable barriers, the Stiletto® has been designed so that the mechanism is entirely contained within the barrier post. The result is the slimmest, most subtle barrier in a quality stainless steel finish that will blend beautifully with your environment without clashing, whilst still effectively guiding and directing visitors.

The Stiletto® barrier features a perfectly weighted and stable base plate, straight stainless steel post and beautifully discreet, colour-coordinated clip to match and hold the belt. It is the perfect solution where you require maximum flexibility for your layouts.

As with all our barriers, there is also a range of signage options that can attach easily and securely to the barrier, so you can inform visitors and direct them at the same time.

Dimensions and Finish

The Stiletto® Retractable Barrier is available in a stainless steel finish. Our standard size is 918mm high with a 320mm diameter base. The base is a slim 15mm thick with non-slip protective neoprene feet. The width of the upright is a class leading 50mm.

Useful Tips and Guidelines

We recommend spacing of between 2.0 and 2.5 metres as the ideal space between barriers, but this can be varied to suit individual layouts. The Stiletto® belt has been designed to stretch to a maximum of 2.7 metres where required.

What's included

1 x Stainless Steel Upright with Internal Belt Cassette
1 x Cast Iron Base with Fixing Bolt and Overlap Lock Washer
1 x Stainless Steel Cover Plate
1 x Allen Key

What's not included:
Barrier Signage

Key Features of the Stiletto® Retractable Barrier

  • All stainless steel post
  • Patented ultra slim design
  • No ugly plastic fittings on the post
  • Governed recoil with smooth retraction
  • Colour-matched clip
  • Modular components to accommodate informative signage
  • Currently available in Freestanding and Surface Mounted versions. Floor-Mounted version coming soon


If you have any questions regarding this product please contact our support team on:

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