Introducing: The Pinnacle Label Holder

A fossil display in a museum and related information displayed within a Pinnacle Label Holder.

Introducing the latest addition to our signage collection - The Pinnacle Label Holder


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A new solution for displaying information
Inspired by a request from The Hub, on behalf of the National Army Museum, the Absolute Pinnacle Label Holder is produced in a variety of useful sizes and heights, presenting information more effectively and blending seamlessly with museum displays.

The Importance of Effective Communication

How well information is communicated to the visitor is a key influence on the overall quality of their experience. Information should be presented to visitors in an easily accessible format directly adjacent to the relevant item whenever possible. In doing so a more fluid and enjoyable experience is created for the visitor.

The Inspiration

The Hub came to us with an urgent request. They supplied a brief for a bespoke solution that they required for displays to work as part of the major refurbishment of the National Army Museum (NAM) in Chelsea. Having been unable to find a suitable, or cost-effective option up until that point, time was of the essence as the Museum was due to be opened by the Queen.

They were seeking a signage solution that was flexible enough to work at varying heights, inside display cases in a variety of locations and with a broad range of artefacts. After a brief design and consultation period, we started manufacturing and delivered to them the purpose-built solution that they had been looking for, on budget and on schedule.

We were really pleased with how the Pinnacle met the needs of NAM. Realising then how effective it could be in other museums, we decided it needed to sit in within our permanent range of information systems and so the Pinnacle was born. 


Army uniforms and weapons on display at the National Army Museum and related information displayed in Pinnacle Label Holders.
Exhibition at the National Army Museum showcasing weapons, using pinnacle label holders to display related information.

Pictured Above: The Pinnacle Label Holder in-situ at the National Army Museum

Designed with Curators in Mind

When creating a display within a showcase there are often there are many items which need to be explained within that one space. Traditionally it might be that curators would need to use a single large label with all items numbered and referenced on the single label. This however doesn't offer the most effective means of communicating information to visitors, in that a mass of information on one label can be quite overwhelming and if the visitor is interested in a particular item then they have to search harder to find the relevant information. This in turn often created a disconnect between viewing the item and absorbing the information. 

The Pinnacle Label Holder offers curators a useful solution to this challenge. Designed to be ultra-slim, they take up minimal space inside the case and are available in 4 different heights, with a choice of 3 different label sizes, enabling information relevant to a key item, in a busy showcase, to be at the right height and position for the associated piece on display. 

"The transfer of information becomes an effortless experience"

Enhancing Visitor Experience

The curator always has the visitor's needs and quality of experience in mind, and so by solving this particular challenge, the visitor is now presented with timely, relevant information, for far smoother flow through the various displays, where the transfer of information becomes an effortless experience. 

Army weapons and uniforms in a National Army Museum exhibition and correlating information displayed in pinnacle label holders.
Uniforms showcased in a National Army Museum exhibition, with descriptive information displayed in pinnacle label holders.

The Pinnacle Label Holder in-situ at the National Army Museum

What Makes the Pinnacle Special?

The Pinnacle can be used in a broad variety of installations but really comes into its own where the display base is at a low height and the information needs to be within an easily visible frame of reference.

In a full-height showcase there is a lot of territory to cover between small objects on the floor and full height items, such as mannequins in uniform as is the case for NAM. If the label holder is placed on the floor of the showcase then it is too low to be visually accessible. The Pinnacle brings the label into the legibly visible domain of the visitor without taking up excessive space, thanks to its slim structure.

Pinnacle label holders displaying descriptive information for a museum exhibition.
Pinnacle label holder displaying information for an old artwork in a detailed, engraved frame.
The pinnacle label holder displaying information for an antique fire engine vehicle.

What our Designer Loves Most

When we asked Sam Sprague, designer of the Pinnacle Label Holder and co-founder of Absolute, what his favourite thing about the Pinnacle Label Holder was, he said "the apparent elegance and the modularity of the system enabling just a few components to deliver a broad range of options. It is often the seemingly simplest solution that is also the most effective."

Customisation & Features

As standard, the Pinnacle Label Holder comes in stainless steel, however, for NAM we powder coated them to match the colour scheme of each individual gallery: we are able to powder coat to any specification from the RAL colour range. 

The Pinnacle Label Holder features a low reflect, easy to read acrylic cover for labels, angled at 45° for optimal readability, is of simple, elegant construction and is available in 4 different heights along with a choice of 3 different label sizes. 


Four height ascending pinnacle label holders in stainless steel finish.
Pinnacle label holder displaying descriptive information for a museum display on wooden stand.

Already a Hit

The new Pinnacle Label Holder is already proving popular with our clients and can also be found installed at National Space CentreThe Fitzwilliam Museum and The Coe Hall Historic House Museum in Oyster Bay, New York, to name a few.

More Information?

If you would like to discuss how the Pinnacle Label Holder might work best in your museum please do get in touch with us, we'd love to discuss further with you.


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Posted by Jade Turner
19th February 2021

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