We hope our selection of frequently asked questions will help you find the information you need. If you have any additional questions, or need clarification on any answers please contact us, we will be happy to assist.

How do I contact the Absolute Products team for help or advice about a project or product?

We are delighted to hear that you would like to discuss a project or get advice about one of our product solutions. You can speak to a member of our expert Customer Care Team by phone, email or even zoom. Please click here.

Do you offer installation?

We may be able to recommend a trusted installer depending where you are in the world. Please get in touch for more information about installers near you.

What is an EORI number and do I need one?

An Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number is a unique identification code that is used to track and monitor the movement of goods into and out of the European Union (EU) or other customs territories. It is primarily used for customs purposes and is required for businesses or individuals involved in international trade, particularly when importing or exporting goods to or from the EU.

For orders with Absolute Museum & Gallery Products, if you are in the EU, we will need an EORI number in order to be able to ship to you. Without this, unfortunately we will not be able to process your order.

Here is some additional information and the key points about EORI numbers and whether you need one:

  1. Mandatory for International Trade: If you or your business engage in cross-border trade with the EU, an EORI number is typically required. It is used to identify you as an economic operator involved in customs procedures, import, or export activities.
  2. EU and Non-EU Transactions: EORI numbers are essential not only for transactions within the EU but also for trade with non-EU countries. It is used to facilitate customs procedures and clearance.
  3. Individuals and Businesses: EORI numbers are not limited to businesses; individuals who are involved in import or export activities also need an EORI number.
  4. Customs Declarations: When you import or export goods, you will need to include your EORI number on customs declarations and other related documents.
  5. Application Process: The process for obtaining an EORI number varies from one EU member state to another. You typically need to apply through your country's customs authority or relevant government department.
  6. Unique Identifier: Each EORI number is unique to the entity it is assigned to and can be used across all EU member states.
  7. Record-Keeping and Compliance: Having an EORI number is important for customs compliance. It helps customs authorities track and monitor the flow of goods, ensuring that the correct duties and taxes are paid, and trade regulations are followed.
  8. Post-Brexit: With the United Kingdom's departure from the EU (Brexit), UK businesses and individuals involved in international trade with the EU or Northern Ireland will require both a UK EORI number and an EU EORI number to continue trading smoothly.

In summary, if you are involved in international trade, especially with the EU or non-EU countries, you will likely need an EORI number to comply with customs regulations and facilitate the movement of goods. The specific requirements and application process may vary by country, so it's advisable to check with your local customs authority or relevant government department for guidance on obtaining an EORI number.




How long will delivery of my order take?

Every effort is made to despatch the same day with orders placed before 13:00, this is subject to warehouse capacity and stock availability.  

We use UPS courier service; all prices are calculated on weight at the checkout and are delivered by the courier between 8am – 6pm approx. (Please see Track your delivery for more information).

For an overview of our approximate delivery times, please see below. For more detailed delivery information, please click here.

Standard service

UK mainland

1-2 working days after despatch (Mon – Fri)

Northern Ireland / Scottish Highlands / Scottish Isles

2-4 working days after despatch (Mon – Fri)

Europe (Not inclusive of customs clearance)

2-5 working days after despatch (Mon – Fri)

International (Delivery times depend on country. Not inclusive of customs clearance)

2-8 working days after despatch (Mon – Fri)

What are your office opening hours?

Our offices are open Monday to Thursday 8.30am – 5pm, Friday 8.30am - 1pm UK (GMT) time.

Do you have a physical store I can visit?

We do not have a store for clients to visit. Our offices and manufacturing are based in North Devon, England.

How do I find out about career opportunities at Absolute Products?

To see our latest vacancies and learn more about becoming part of the Absolute team, please click here.