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When planning the installation of an art collection or individual artworks, having a strategy for art wall management is key. That strategy should consider the following two main steps;

1) Know your installation setting and conditions, and

2) Know your artworks attributes; size, weight, shape and security and storage requirements matter

To help with this, we have created a practical two-page guide explaining steps that will provide insight into your overall strategy. View the guide now, print it, save it or bookmark it for later.

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We recommend an equipment audit for all customers who have accumulated equipment used for displaying and protecting artwork, such as art hanging systems and protective barriers (stanchions), as well as equipment used for guiding visitors through their facility or informing them, such as information stands and labelling systems.
We find that many of our customers benefit from a form where equipment products used, their current condition and maintenance schedule can be documented. This allows a quick reference snapshot as new needs for equipment occurs.

We have prepared a template audit document for your use, which can be downloaded using the button below.

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