C Track (Rail)

If you are unable to fix to a wall, C Track is our solution for hanging artworks from the ceiling.

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Product Description

C Track is our solution for hanging when you absolutely can't fix to the wall, such as when you need to protect wooden panels. It is slim, just 16 mm wide, and provides a simple and clean fixing point to hang artworks from the ceiling.

The C Track is best when considered and specified pre-construction as installation detailing should occur whilst the ceiling is being designed to ensure a flush fit. This Track can also be surface mounted as a project requires. Artworks can then be hung at any position along the track using a choice of transparent cord, stainless steel cable or stainless steel rod.

Please Contact us while designing your project to ensure the best installation.

Key Features of the C Track:

  • For Hanging Artworks when you cannot fix to a wall
  • Modular-use in conjunction with our C Track Hanging Sets
  • Retrofit or incorporate prior to new walls for a flush mount
  • Very slim and discreet
  • Choice of white or silver finish
  • Comes in 2.5m lengths


Product Specification

Diagram explaining the dimensions of the C Track artwork hanging solution.

Type:  Artwork Hanging Solution

Material & Finish:  Anodised aluminium extrusion that is available in either soft silver finish or white

Dimensions:  16mm width x 15mm height. Sold in 2.5m lengths, pre-drilled and easy to cut to length on site.

Installation:  Pre-drilled and easy to cut to length on site.

Weight Loading:  Fixings must be into hardwood or metal for maximum support. The standard fixing (300mm) will support artworks up to 15kgs when hung on two suspended supports.

When fixed securely at 150mm centres, the track can support artworks up to 25kgs in weight when hung on two suspended supports.

UK Installation Instructions PDF:  Click here to download

US Installation Instructions PDF:  Click here to download

Expert Advice

Hanging artworks from the ceiling will never match the weight capacity of hanging from a wall. The C Track is slim and robust but its overall strength will be governed by the number of fixings into something solid. The track is delivered pre-drilled at 300 mm centres. However because ceiling support structures vary so much, we have designed this track with an internal countersink. This means that its easy to drill the track wherever you find a sound fixing point and know that the countersunk screw will sit snugly in the base of the track.

Bear in mind that when an artwork is hung away from the wall, it has a tendency to lean forward. With the goal of keeping the work as vertical as possible you should make your attachments as high on the rear of the frame as possible or even consider the option of fixing to the top edge of the frame.

If it becomes necessary to fix into the drywall then be sure to use 'hollow core fixings' to achieve the best hold. When done properly drywall can be capable of carrying up to 8 kg.

If the C Track is wrapping around the room, mitre the inside and outside corners. This provides clean corners without showing exposed ends of track.

When cutting the C Track, pay attention to where the Hanging Sets enter the bottom of the track. This is the widest part of the reveal and is clearly noted. A run of track must have this to insert the Hanging Sets.

There are a range of components that work with the C Track to provide the look that suits your installation. The components are sold in sets that include a pair of hanging lengths, top blocks and fixings. You will need a set per work, and can choose either a barrel for use with our Ryman Hanger, or a hook if your work will be hung with a wire. All accessories can also be purchased separately here should you want to hang more than one work per hanging length set.

What's Included


  • 1x 2.5m length of C Track


Not Included/You may also need:

  • C Track Hanging Sets
  • End Caps - If your track ends will be exposed and you would like covers please contact us to add end caps to your order (they are free of charge)

Museum Grade

Museum grade products, designed for all settings. We design and manufacture high quality products in the UK to display, protect and explain artworks as well as to guide and inform visitors. Absolute has built a reputation for innovative, high-specification solutions for museums and galleries around the world, which are available for use in all types of environments, from attractions and hospitality venues to airports, restaurants and everything in between. For more information about how our product solutions could support or enhance your space, please contact us.

Delivery Information

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