H Track (Rail)

H Track is our most popular track system for hanging artworks and is designed to be applied to existing walls.

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Product Description

H Track is an ideal solution where an existing wall should not be drilled or marked when hanging, as well as where artworks are changed frequently. Our H Track Cover ensures a clean finish and is highly recommended.

When fixed at a high level the H Track blends effortlessly with the ceiling junction or mouldings and provides a stable point from which to hang artworks. This track is slim, discreet and strong, it is suitable for use in almost any setting from museums and galleries to large and small offices, private residences to coffee houses and even historic palaces.

Key Features of the H Track:

  • Most popular track system
  • Perfect For Hanging Artworks on existing walls
  • Modular-use in conjunction with our H Track Hanging Sets
  • Flexible - great solution for changing artworks frequently
  • Strong but discreet
  • Versatile - suitable for almost any environment
  • Choice of white or silver finish


Product Specification

Diagram explaining the dimensions of the H Track artwork hanging solution.

Type:  Artwork Hanging Solution

Material & Finish:  Anodised aluminium extrusion that is available in either soft silver finish or white

Dimensions:  15mm width x 55mm vertical height. Sold in 2.5m lengths.

Installation:  Pre-drilled at 300mm centres and easy to cut to length on site. We recommend mitring inside and outside corners with a chop saw.

Weight Loading:   Fixings must be into hardwood for maximum support. The standard fixing (300mm) will support artworks up to 150kgs when hung on two suspended supports.

Note: This track has the ability to support substantially more weight per artwork. For heavier weights, closer fixing points of 150mm to 100mm is recommended. Heavier weights may require extended top blocks and bespoke barrels, please contact us for a consultation.

UK Installation Instructions PDF:  Click here to download

US Installation Instructions PDF:  Click here to download

Expert Advice

We recommend that the track runs continuously along the wall including above any doors or window openings. Even though this part of the track may never be used it maintains a clean visual line that blends with the building, whereas individual sections of track will look fragmented and draw your attention.

When cutting the H Track, pay attention to where the Hanging Sets enter at the left side of the track. This is clearly noted and run of H Track must have this entry to insert the Hanging Sets.

If you are installing multiple lengths of H Track, we supply simple connecting pins that help you to align the lengths of track for an even finish. These are inserted in the 2mm holes at the end of the track, connecting both lengths. Connecting pins will only be supplied with orders of 2 or more lengths.

When using H Track with cover, the line of the installation lays smoother if the cover is staggered from the abutting track joints. This means that a bit of cover overlays the joint keeping a smoother line.

If the H Track is wrapping around the room, mitre the inside and outside corners. This provides clean corners without showing exposed ends of track.

The track comes pre-drilled at 300 mm intervals which will suit the majority of installations. If you wish to hang extremely heavy artworks (in excess of 150 kg) then we recommend drilling more frequent fixing points at every 150 mm or even 100 mm and ask that you contact us for consultation before placing your order.

There are a choice of components that will work with the H Track to suit your installation. The components are sold in sets that include a pair of hanging lengths, top blocks and fixings. You will need a set per work, and can choose either a barrel for use with our Ryman Hanger, or a hook if your work will be hung with a wire. All accessories can also be purchased separately should you wish to hang more than one work per hanging length set.

What's Included


  • 1x 2.5m length H Track


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Museum Grade

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