Turning 30 - A Letter From Our Managing Director

A personal note to our team and customers

We’re about to celebrate our 30th anniversary and I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude, both to our team and to the clients that have helped us achieve this milestone.

We wouldn’t be here without you.

The vital work you undertake in preserving and displaying our shared heritage is key to celebrating and protecting our culture, and this is our ongoing inspiration. Supporting you in this endeavour is what has motivated us for the last thirty years and will energise us for the next thirty.

Please know how grateful I am for your support and company in this most exciting of journeys.

Sam Sprague
Managing Director & Co-Founder

Above: A group photo of some of the Absolute team, taken at Absolute offices, with Sam Sprague positioned lower centre, with dog and office chief of morale, Rhino.

Posted by Jade Turner
6th September 2023

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