Signage Plate

Signage Plate

Aluminium backed with acrylic cover and end strips.

Price: £38.00

Inform Effectively and Discreetly

The objective is to offer information in the simplest, least distracting manner possible, and the Signage Plate does this by displaying information in an easy to read and discreet manner.

Dimensions and Finish

The Signage Plate is aluminium-backed and available in clear or low reflect acrylic. Signage Plate comes standard as part of our Information Stand and can also be purchased separately to add signage to existing Q Barriers. Signage Plate comes standard in A4 and A3 sizes and can switch from portrait to landscape orientation.

What’s included

1 x Backing Plate
1 x Acrylic Cover
2 x End Strips
1 x Torx Key (Torx Screwdriver for orders of 3 or more)

What’s not included: Barrier, Signage Adaptor


If you have any questions regarding this product please contact our support team on: +44 (0)1769 572389

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