Helping You Adapt with Confidence

Inspired by a pioneering spirit to adapt and thrive with confidence as we move forward. 

At this point in our journey, we are all planning and implementing our best next steps. For many that will be more firmly creating home offices, for most others, it will involve adapting internal work and public facing environments to ensure a safe return that confidently safeguards the well-being of all who pass through.

In many cases the size and type of environment don’t really matter, consistent and neatly present reminders that work with our business and public environment do.

Here at Absolute, we are inspired by a pioneering spirit to adapt and thrive as we move forward.

Discover our Guidance Solutions

An office environment using Absolute Freestanding Barriers adapted to carry a label holder, displaying social distancing information.
Absolute Freestanding Barriers with Q Barrier Cuff and an extra line of Barrier Cord, protecting artwork in a gallery.

Q Barrier Freestanding

Elegantly and effectively guides personnel and visitor flow in any location.

Q Barrier Cuff

Create flexible, clear and effective queuing systems or areas of restricted access quickly and easily.

Discover our Information Solutions

An Absolute Label Holder for displaying information.
An Absolute Freestanding Label Holder - a portable information signage solution.

Label Holder

A slim aluminium backed sign holder, available in a wide range of sizes.

Freestanding Label Holder

A portable solution for displaying information, available in a wide range of sizes. 

The Absolute Reader Rail displaying extensive information and pictures.
An Absolute Information Stand - used to display instructions, directions, or general information.

Reader Rail

Display extensive quantities of information in a continuous format.

Information Stand

Ideal for displaying directions, instructions or general information. 

Helpful Resources

Downloadable graphics for you to use

We have created some complimentary downloadable resources to help you create spaces that inspire a sense of well-being and confidence for your colleagues, customers and visitors.

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