Cord Connector

Our Cord Connector has been specifically designed to work with our Essential Barrier. With this barrier, you are unable to connect two ends of cord in the top of the upright, as you can with the rest of our barrier range. We therefore developed a perfect solution to neatly create a circuit of cord, without having to show an exposed knot.

Cord Connector
Price: £8.00


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Useful Tips and Guidelines

The Cord Connector has been designed to create a circuit of cord when using the Essential Barrier. If you plan on having just a line of barriers, the Cord Connector is not needed, as you are able to finish each end of the cord in the top of the barrier.

Simply feed one end of cord into the connector, feeding the other end of cord into the opposite side. Tighten up each of the two grub screws to secure the cord in place. This allows you to create a seamless circuit of cord, without the interruption of a knot of cord. The grub screws can be tightened with the screw driver provided with each batch of Essential Barriers.

Finished in anodized aluminium, it blends discreetly with our Essential Barrier and effortlessly connects two ends of elasticated cord.

This product has been designed to work in conjunction with our Essential Barrier, however it can also be used with the rest of our barrier range (excluding Q Cord).

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