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Elasticated Barrier CordElasticated Barrier Cord
Elasticated Barrier Cord
The Elasticated Barrier Cord is compatible with all our barrier systems; the cord gently tugs under pressure, to avoid tripping or injury.
from $48.51 (ex VAT)
Wall TerminatorWall Terminator
Wall Terminator
Allows you to terminate a run of barriers at a wall.
from $29.40 (ex VAT)

Barrier Top CapsBarrier Top Caps
Barrier Top Caps
Spare Top Caps, also known as turret caps, for the Freestanding & Essentials Barriers.
from $22.05 (ex VAT)
Blanking Plug Removal Tool
Blanking Plug Removal Tool
Allows you to easily remove the Blanking Plug from the socket of the Floor Socket Q Barrier.
$55.86 (ex VAT)

Q Barrier Floor Socket Blanking Plug
Q Barrier Floor Socket Blanking Plug
This Blanking Plug has been specifically design to be inserted into the socket when the upright is removed, creating a flush, smooth finish with the floor.
$30.87 (ex VAT)
Barrier Signage AdaptorBarrier Signage Adaptor
Barrier Signage Adaptor
Universal 60° Signage Adaptor for all our 20mm diameter barriers.
$79.38 (ex VAT)

Q Barrier Signage AdaptorQ Barrier Signage Adaptor
Q Barrier Signage Adaptor
Connect signage to our Q Barrier system using this adaptor.  
$85.26 (ex VAT)
Ryman Security Key
Ryman Security Key
Used with our Ryman Security Spring Keepers.
$73.50 (ex VAT)

Ryman TweezersRyman Tweezers
Ryman Tweezers
Assists with the insertion and removal of the standard Ryman Spring Keeper.
$70.56 (ex VAT)
Shelf Edge Clips (5 Pack)
Shelf Edge Clips (5 Pack)
You may require additional clips to fix the Shelf Edge Label Holder, especially if you order a bespoke length.
$19.11 (ex VAT)



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