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Directional Barriers

Our sleek and subtle barriers offer the perfect solution to protect artwork and direct visitors. Our barriers are designed to suit different environments and types of flooring, as well as permanent or temporary installations. All of our barriers are multi-purpose and can be easily adapted to carry information via our Signage Plates, saving money in the long term. Our latest addition is the Essential Barrier, designed as a budget option for light use or temporary displays at shows and events.

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Q Barrier FreestandingQ Barrier Freestanding
Q Barrier Freestanding
The Freestanding Q Barrier elegantly guides and directs visitors without clashing with the display or decor.
£239.00 (ex VAT)
Q Barrier Surface MountedQ Barrier Surface Mounted
Q Barrier Surface Mounted
Designed for more permanent installations, The Surface Mounted Q Barrier is quick to install and more discreet than the Freestanding Q Barrier.
£182.00 (ex VAT)

Q Barrier Floor SocketQ Barrier Floor Socket
Q Barrier Floor Socket
Designed as a more permanent solution for guiding and directing visitors without clashing with the display or decor.
£219.00 (ex VAT)
Q Barrier CuffQ Barrier Cuff
Q Barrier Cuff
Makes it possible to link Q Barriers with a second line of elasticated cord.
£33.00 (ex VAT)

Blanking Plug Removal Tool
Blanking Plug Removal Tool
Allows you to easily remove the Blanking Plug from the socket of the Floor Socket Q Barrier.
£35.00 (ex VAT)
Q Barrier Floor Socket Blanking Plug
Q Barrier Floor Socket Blanking Plug
This Blanking Plug has been specifically design to be inserted into the socket when the upright is removed, creating a flush, smooth finish with the floor.
£21.00 (ex VAT)

Q Barrier Signage AdaptorQ Barrier Signage Adaptor
Q Barrier Signage Adaptor
Connect signage to our Q Barrier system using this adaptor.
from £53.00 (ex VAT)
Signage PlateSignage Plate
Signage Plate
Aluminium backed with acrylic cover and end strips.
from £71.00 (ex VAT)