Berrington Hall, National Trust

The exterior of the National Trust country house Berrington Hall, Herefordshire, UK.

Client: Berrington Hall, National Trust

Location: Herefordshire, England

Berrington Hall is a fine country house located about 3 miles north of Leominster, Herefordshire, England. In April 2022 the Hall’s Admiral’s room was cleared out and reclaimed for use in showcasing various exhibits. This season the room is being used to add on to their "Dress Fit for a King exhibition" and to showcase 5 replica court mantua dresses, made by Michelle Barker of Handbound Costumes. Read More


The Product Solution:

Berrington Hall chose the Absolute Freestanding Barrier 400mm in black with black elasticated cord for this space, which not only protects the exhibit but also plays an active role in supporting the over-all feel and visual tone of the room.

The black barriers and cord in combination with the cream Mantua dresses give a buttoned up tailored feel to the space, reminiscent of a ball room with ladies in dresses and men in black tie. The barriers and cord compliment without over powering.

Absolute 400mm Freestanding Barriers in black protecting dresses made by Michelle Barker of Handbound Costumes from the ‘A Dress Fit for a King’ exhibition at Berrington Hall.

Mantua dress made by Michelle Barker in the ‘A Dress Fit for a King’ exhibition at Berrington Hall.
‘A Dress Fit for a King’, an exhibition at Berrington Hall, featuring two mantua dresses made by Michelle Barker.
Looking outward from a window in the Admiral’s room at Berrington Hall.

As featured above

Freestanding Barrier 400mm

The Freestanding Barrier in black subtly compliments historical spaces.


Elasticated Cord

Draw a clean, straight boundary to protect exhibits without distracting.


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Learn more about Berrington hall and the inspiration for this remarkable exhibition.

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Image sources: Admiral's Room Images kindly supplied by Derw Thomas, House & Collections Manager at Berrington Hall. Header Image from the National Trust website.