Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum

Freestanding Barriers 400mm and Extended Reader Rail in situ at an exhibition in the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum.

Client: Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum (PHAM)

Location: Historic Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Pearl Harbor Aviation Musuem is housed in the World War II hangars which survived the December 7th attacks in 1941.

As part of the museum’s efforts to preserve and share the history of America’s involvement and the events of Pearl Harbor, the team at PHAM needed an effective way to present information and create clear boundaries around large exhibits.


The Product Solution:

In order to create a cohesive & robust system that would protect exhibits and inform visitors, the Museum chose to use the Absolute Freestanding Barrier 400mm with red Elasticated Cord, and the Absolute Extended Reader Rail; both in stainless steel.

The color of the red cord is in keeping with the exhibit and creates an obvious boundary without obstructing visitor's view.

An exhibition at the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, protected by Freestanding Barriers and related information displayed on an Extender Reader Rail.

As featured

Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum utilised the Freestanding Barrier 400mm with red Elasticated Cord, and Extended Reader Rails.

Freestanding Barrier 400mm

400mm Freestanding barrier (stanchion) in Stainless Steel.


Elasticated Cord

Our Elasticated Cord works with all our barrier (stanchion) systems & is available in 4 colours.


Reader Rail

Available in a variety of lengths to suit your exhibit and volume of information


Wall Terminator

Our wall terminators are popular for terminating barriers at a wall.


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