Q Barrier Cuff

The Q Barrier Cuff is our simple and stylish solution to convert your Q Barrier to a dual height cord. Easy and quick to fit to your existing Q Barriers, it provides a second line of cord at a mid level height for those instances where museum guidelines dictate or an additional layer of cord is required to help smaller visitors stay the right side of the line.

Q Barrier Cuff
Price: £29.50


If you have any questions regarding this product please contact our support team on:

01769 572389

Useful Tips And Guidelines

For an existing installation of Q Barriers, undo the cap and unhook the cord from the top of the barrier, slide the Q Barrier Cuff down the post to the right height (600mm from the floor is a good start) with the slots facing down and inline with the cord, then tighten the little screw (an allen key is supplied).

Replace the cord and cap and layout the barriers to the desired position. Then, starting at one end, stretch the end of the cord and insert into the slot underneath the cuff wrapping around one full turn on the first one and pull tight to the second barrier. Stretch the cord and insert up into the slot, around the barrier post and out through the second slot. Repeat this process until the last barrier and secure in the same manner as the start.

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