Downloadable Resource: Equipment Audit Template

We recommend an equipment audit for all customers who have accumulated equipment used for displaying and protecting artwork, such as art hanging systems and protective barriers (stanchions), as well as equipment used for guiding visitors through their facility or informing them, such as information stands and labelling systems.
We find that many of our customers benefit from a form where equipment products used, their current condition and maintenance schedule can be documented. This allows a quick reference snapshot as new needs for equipment occurs.

We have prepared a template audit document for your use, which can be downloaded using the buttons below in either Excel or PDF format.

Editable Excel File

The editable excel version is best for those who wish to input their equipment information directly into a digital file.

Printable PDF File

The printable PDF version is best for those who wish to hand-write their equipment information onto a paper version.

Barrier Care and Maintenance

In addition, once you know what equipment you have and its condition, you may find our Barrier Care & Maintenance article useful, to learn more about how we recommend using, caring for and maintaining barrier systems.

We're here to assist

If you would like any advice about conducting your audit, or about your equipment, please do contact us, a member of our team will be very happy to help.

Posted by Jade Turner
14th August 2023

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