We hope our selection of frequently asked questions will help you find the information you need. If you have any additional questions, or need clarification on any answers please contact us, we will be happy to assist.

How do I run the end of the cord into the wall terminator?

The wall terminator comes in two parts, and the easiest way to install them is to first fix the lid to wall, then pass cord through main body, tie a simple knot, then screw to the two pieces together.

Does your Essential Barrier come in other colours?
Our Essential Barrier only comes in Dove White (Tele-Grey, RAL 7047 Satin Finish). If you are looking for another colour, then our Freestanding Barrier is available in Black, White, Grey and Stainless Steel, and can also be supplied in any bespoke RAL colour as a special order.
What length / size is the barrier cord?

All of our elasticated cord is 5mm diameter and is available as 20mtr, 50mtr or 100mtr rolls. These can easily be cut to the required length with a pair of sharp scissors.

How do you install floor socket barriers into a plinth?

Where the plinth has been constructed with a timber strut underneath the surface board, you can drill a 25mm dia' hole and hammer the socket securely into place where the exterior knurling will provide excellent grip. We suggest a test before drilling holes in the plinth.                                                                                     

If there are no suitably placed timber struts, then you can avoid using the socket and drill an 8.5mm hole through the surface of the plinth and use an M8 bolt of an appropriate length along with a washer under the head of the bolt and pushed up through the plinth from underneath to fix the barrier post securely in place.

Can your barriers be used outside?

Although designed primarily for indoor use and therefore not recommended, our stainless steel barriers have on occasion been used outdoors and they have maintained their good condition far longer than expected.

However, due to the uncontrolled variety of exposure to weather conditions we cannot guarantee a lifespan. 

How many barriers do I need?

This is determined by the floor surface you are looking to place them on, the type of barrier and the artwork you are looking to protect. Please contact a Sales Agent who will be able to assist. See our Barrier Layout guide to assist you.

How do I finish off the end wall when installing flushmount track?

As the top blocks go straight into the face of the flushmount, you do not need access to the ends of the track, and so can finish the wall over the end of the track, or alternatively you can use our end caps. 

How do I neaten the open-end on C and H track?

We have End Caps available to suit each of our tracks. Please contact a Sales Agent for further information

Can I install track on to porcelain tiles?

Yes, but proceed methodically and don't rush, using a flat tipped diamond drill and a little lubrication.

Can I hang Foamex boards from track/hanging sets?

Yes, you can, but the tricky bit is attaching to the Foamex board itself. Either by gluing a former to the back of the board to attach to or by making use of an edge clamp to suspend from.

Can the track be installed against curve walls?

Yes, all of our tracks will bend to a curve, some more than others. For gentle curves, the tracks will adopt the shape as they're fixed to the wall although this will be somewhat trickier if you're using the C Track.

For tight radii we can roll the track to suit your dimensions for you. As an example, Louvre Lens has an egg shaped gallery where we rolled 5 different curvatures to suit all the different radii of the walls.

There is a degree of flex when fixing the tracks to a curved surface and so it is not always necessary to roll it to an exact dimension.

How do I maintain a horizontal line when installing 2 or more pieces of track?

We recommend that all of our tracks (with the exception of the C Track) are installed tight to the ceiling wherever that is possible or right up against any moulding or coving that may already be in place. In the vast majority of circumstances this will mean the track is straight and level.
If you are planning to install the track at a point part way up the wall then the use of our laser level will be an excellent assist.
A good example of installing track tight against and existing moulding can be seen at Fulham Palace where the track has virtually dissappeared, appearing as almost part of the moulding detailing.

How do I hang artwork when there are sound boards or panels of the wall which cannot be drilled into?

In this instance, if you're seeking to use a track system then we would recommend our C Track, which attaches to a ceiling. The C Track should always be installed as close to the wall as possible which will help minimise any potential for artworks to lean outwards.                                                                                                                    

Alternatively, if there are wall panels in place you may consider using our panel clips which hook over the top of the panel and support an artwork without any damage. 

Can I hang a tapestry from the track/hanging sets?

Yes, you can, and we have. Use a rigid rod or tube through the horizontal sleeve at the top of the tapestry or across the back of the tapestry at the top if there is no sleeve. You can then support the rod using either stainless cable or rod dependent upon the weight.

If the tapestry is particularly wide or heavy then it may be necessary to make use of additional supports at midpoints. We recommend contacting us for advice on this before ordering. 

How do I keep track clean?

Cleaning your track is easy. You can of course dust track with a duster, and in addition you can clean with a damp cloth or sponge when needed, as none of the tracks will rust.

Can you recommend a track installer?

We may be able to recommend a trusted installer depending where you are in the world. Please contact a Sales Agent for more information about installers near you.

Ryman Barrels – which screw do i remove?

Our Ryman barrels are unisex in that they are supplied with a large screw to work with the Large Ryman and a small screw that connects with the Small Ryman. Simply remove and discard whichever screw is not required.

Can I hang from D-rings directly onto Hook Barrels?

The short answer is; Not really.

The long answer is; Smaller D Rings do not have a big enough diameter to fit over the hook barrel, and even for larger D Rings, the curve of the D ring often doesn’t fit the straight edge of the hook barrel. Best practice is to attach a cord between the D rings (as designed) and hang the cord over the hook barrels.

Extra Tip: You want your cord to be as tight as possible, in order to keep the hanging length straight. The tighter the cord, the easier it is to keep to hanging length straight. First push them apart as far as possible on the cord behind the artwork, then adjust the top of the hanging length to finish. Doing so in this order achieves the best result.

Are the Ryman Hangers regulated ref insurance?

Our Ryman Hangers have been approved by the Museum & Galleries Commission, and are used extensively by trusted clients such as all four Tate Galleries, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Getty, The Palace of Westminster, The National Trust and many other national institutions.

Please note, the UK government has now disbanded the Museum & Galleries commission and at the point of writing, has not yet set up an alternative body.

If you need a letter to submit to your insurer, we would be happy to provide this. We have worked with Hiscocks, for example, who often deal with insurance matters relating to art.
It may be worth noting that the value of artworks hung on or protected by our systems exceeds the value of the UK's GDP. The degree of trust in our systems is therefore evident.

Is there a quick way to adjust hanging components?

Our current Hook Barrels can sometimes be a little fiddly to adjust and to assist this process we recommend sliding both cables or rods so that they're side by side prior to hanging the artwork as this makes it very straightforward to achieve matching heights.

Please watch this space as we will soon be adding a grip and slide solution to our portfolio.

Can the track/rail be cut when installing?

Yes, the track is easy to cut and can be done on site. Please make sure the ends are clean and burr free after cutting. 

For H and C Tracks, it is important that you do not cut off the top block entry mouth at one end of the track. Please check carefully before cutting.                                                                                      

And for a professional finish, we recommend mitring the track when negotiating internal of external corners on your wall.

How do I choose from the different hanging systems?

To help you choose the right hanging system, we have created a PDF guide to get you started, which can be found here.

For more personalised advice however, our team would be very happy to help, please contact us. 

What type of screws & size should be used?

For Track - 4.5mm countersunk screws, length dependent onto what you are fixing into (which is why we cannot supply with the track) We recommend a minimum of 45mm length to ensure a good fixing.
For Rymans - attaching to artwork - 4mm panhead is our recommendation for a neat clean finish, but countersunk or cheesehead screws will also work. The length of screw obviously depends on the thickness of the frame.  
For attaching Rymans to the wall, we recommend a 4.5mm screw for Large Rymans and a 4mm screw for Small Rymans.

How long is each length of track and how does it join together during install?

The track is supplied in lengths of 2.5 mtrs specifically to facilitate, handling, shipping and installation. Anything longer than 2.5 becomes both expensive to ship and clumsy to install.

There are joints between the sections of track. The lengths of track are butt jointed with connecting pins to ensure perfect alignment meaning the joint is discreet and near invisible once installed.

We recommend the track run continuously to act as a continuous architectural detail, rather than stop and start only exactly where you wish to hang each artwork.

Allow the track to run end wall to end wall, and mitre at inside and outside corners for a finished look. Track is typically cut on site per site dimensions.

Can track be finished in a bespoke colour?

Yes, track can be powder coated in a bespoke RAL colour. We typically use a satin finish as this avoids scratching from handling and tools. Absolute typically mask for powder coating to ensure the fit of the cover.

Bespoke RAL colours have an upcharge based on quantity and require longer lead times based on current production at time of order placement. Please take this into account.

How do I insert my graphic into the signage plate/label holder?

The method we use is to slide the graphic three quarters of the way into the label holder and then to carefully remove the protective film from both sides of the acrylic (being sure to hold it edge to edge to avoid fingerprints) and insert it in front of the graphic, carefully sliding it into place such that the label and acrylic finish correctly aligned.

Do you cut label holders to a bespoke dimension?

Yes, we can and do produce label holders to bespoke dimensions. Please contact a Sales Agent who will be happy to assist.

Label holders are measured by the size of the label and are available in the following heights of 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 210mm, 280mm and 297mm and in any length you desire up to a maximum of 2400mm.

Is there a visible difference between standard and low reflect acrylic when under interior lighting?

Yes, there is a visible difference. Standard acrylic may in some settings reflect either overhead lighting or bright windows if the label faces those. Our low reflect acrylic ensures the display minimises any reflected glare from overhead lighting or other bright sources.

Can your Signage Plates be used outside?

Yes, they can. However, we do not recommend this as it is impossible to avoid humidity getting behind the acrylic and wrinkling the paper over time. If you would like to use our signage plates outside, we recommend applying

lettering to a piece of white acrylic and inserting that into the plate, instead of paper and the clear cover provided.

Can your information stands be used outside?

Although they weren't designed for use outside, we have been very impressed at their resistance to wet conditions and the information stand has sustained outdoor use remarkably well in our tests. If you're planning to do this we would advise that you use the stainless steel version and follow a few simple guidelines to assist performance and lifespan.

Please note that the degree of wet weather your installation experiences will impact  the longevity of the product but you should nonetheless experience years of sturdy reliance. That said, as for the signage plate itself, it is impossible to avoid humidity getting behind the acrylic and wrinkling the paper over time. To avoid this, we recommend applying lettering to a piece of white acrylic and inserting that into the signage plate, instead of paper and the clear cover provided. 

How do I contact the Absolute Products team for help or advice about a project or product?

We are delighted to hear that you would like to discuss a project or get advice about one of our product solutions. You can speak to a member of our expert Customer Care Team by phone, email or even zoom. Please click here.

Do you offer installation?

Absolute don't offer an installation service however, we may be able to recommend a trusted installer depending where you are in the world.

Please contact a Sales Agent and we will do our best to support you with any recommendations we have.

Do you offer site visits?

Site visits and pre-planning are sometime available dependent upon the project. Please contact us to enquire.                                                                                                        

We may be able to recommend a trusted installer depending where you are in the world. Please contact a Sales Agent for more information about installers near you

What is an EORI number and do I need one?

An Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number is a unique identification code that is used to track and monitor the movement of goods into and out of the European Union (EU) or other customs territories. It is primarily used for customs purposes and is required for businesses or individuals involved in international trade, particularly when importing or exporting goods to or from the EU.

For orders with Absolute Museum & Gallery Products, if you are in the EU, we will need an EORI number in order to be able to ship to you. Without this, unfortunately we will not be able to process your order.

Here is some additional information and the key points about EORI numbers and whether you need one:

  1. Mandatory for International Trade: If you or your business engage in cross-border trade with the EU, an EORI number is typically required. It is used to identify you as an economic operator involved in customs procedures, import, or export activities.
  2. EU and Non-EU Transactions: EORI numbers are essential not only for transactions within the EU but also for trade with non-EU countries. It is used to facilitate customs procedures and clearance.
  3. Individuals and Businesses: EORI numbers are not limited to businesses; individuals who are involved in import or export activities also need an EORI number.
  4. Customs Declarations: When you import or export goods, you will need to include your EORI number on customs declarations and other related documents.
  5. Application Process: The process for obtaining an EORI number varies from one EU member state to another. You typically need to apply through your country's customs authority or relevant government department.
  6. Unique Identifier: Each EORI number is unique to the entity it is assigned to and can be used across all EU member states.
  7. Record-Keeping and Compliance: Having an EORI number is important for customs compliance. It helps customs authorities track and monitor the flow of goods, ensuring that the correct duties and taxes are paid, and trade regulations are followed.
  8. Post-Brexit: With the United Kingdom's departure from the EU (Brexit), UK businesses and individuals involved in international trade with the EU or Northern Ireland will require both a UK EORI number and an EU EORI number to continue trading smoothly.

In summary, if you are involved in international trade, especially with the EU or non-EU countries, you will likely need an EORI number to comply with customs regulations and facilitate the movement of goods. The specific requirements and application process may vary by country, so it's advisable to check with your local customs authority or relevant government department for guidance on obtaining an EORI number.




How long will delivery of my order take?

Every effort is made to despatch the same day with orders placed before 13:00, this is subject to warehouse capacity and stock availability.  

We use UPS courier service; all prices are calculated on weight at the checkout and are delivered by the courier between 8am – 6pm approx. (Please see Track your delivery for more information).

For an overview of our approximate delivery times, please see below. For more detailed delivery information, please click here.

Standard service

UK mainland

1-2 working days after despatch (Mon – Fri)

Northern Ireland / Scottish Highlands / Scottish Isles

2-4 working days after despatch (Mon – Fri)

Europe (Not inclusive of customs clearance)

2-5 working days after despatch (Mon – Fri)

International (Delivery times depend on country. Not inclusive of customs clearance)

2-8 working days after despatch (Mon – Fri)

How much is delivery?

Delivery costs are calculated by products & delivery location. Please contact a Sales Agent for a quote.

Do you offer an express delivery service?

Yes, please contact a Sales Agent for an express delivery charge.

What are your office opening hours?

Our offices are open Monday to Thursday 8.30am – 5pm, Friday 8.30am - 1pm UK (GMT) time.

Do you have a physical store I can visit?

We do not have a store for clients to visit. Our offices and manufacturing are based in sunny North Devon, England.

Please contact a member of our Sales Team and we will do what we can to help you. We can supply samples and dependent upon the project in question there may well be no charge for this.

How do I find out about career opportunities at Absolute Products?

To see our latest vacancies and learn more about becoming part of the Absolute team, please click here.

Where do you sell your products, i.e. which retailer?

We currently do not have any resellers. 

Do you have a portal to make payments for quotes/proformas?

Payment can currently be taken via debit / credit card over the phone or via BACS / Wire Transfer

Am I able to pay via paypal?

Payment can currently be taken via debit / credit card over the phone or via BACS / Wire Transfer

How do I place an order – online or over the phone?

You can place an order in whichever manner suits you best. We will always confirm the order with an email receipt.

Can I amend my order after it’s been placed?

Please contact a Sales Agent who will be able to advise if this is possible.

What is our returns policy?

Yes, order can be returned. Please contact a Sales Agent who will be able to advise on the returns process and there is usually a small re-stocking fee.

What do I do If my order has missing, incorrect or faulty products?

We work hard to ensure your order is correct, double checked and photographed. In the rare event that something appears to be missing, please thoroughly check the packaging as some components are occasionally overlooked by clients.

If you order appears to be incorrect in any way then please contact us within 5 working days from the date of receipt.

Can I return a bespoke / special product?

Bespoke products by their very nature are more difficult to return but please contact us and we will do what we can to assist.

Why am I being charged a restocking fee?

Re-stocking fees are usually necessary because we need to unpack and carefully check each product is clean and fit for use prior to re-stocking.