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Our aluminium backed Label Holders enables you to display information clearly and discreetly. Bespoke lengths available, please contact us.

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Product Description

The Label Holder is a museum & gallery industry standard, this is one product that we haven't invented. Having said that, we have completely re-engineered it, to make it slimmer, stronger, and cost effective.

Suited to a variety of applications, although most widely used in museums & galleries, the label holder is equally at home in facilities as signage and wayfinding, as well as, in high-end retail establishments for displaying price and product information.

The objective is to offer information in the simplest, least distracting manner possible, and the Label Holder does this by displaying information about the item or artwork in an easy to read and discreet manner. Close enough to inform but not so close as to distract. The Label Holder works by sliding the cover to one side and inserting the information 'label'.

The Label Holder has a thin extruded aluminium backplate with a clear or low reflect acrylic cover. It comes with a single screw fixing (on the smaller sizes) to aid positioning and leveling on your surface. The Label Holder can also be used to add signage to our barrier systems, when used in conjunction with our Barrier Signage Adaptor.

Key features of the Label Holder:

  • Display Information clearly and discreetly
  • Choice of orientation (landscape or portrait)
  • Choice of sizes ranging from 100mm x 50mm to A3 Landscape
  • Slim & strong
  • Aluminium-Backed presentation
  • Simple Clear or low-reflective covers available
  • Can be attached to a surface e.g. a wall, or used with our barrier systems when paired with a Barrier Signage Adaptor.
  • Bespoke lengths available (Cost upcharge applies), please contact us.

Product Specification

Type: Label (fixed)

Material & Finish: Aluminium back plate, acrylic front cover

Dimensions, choice of:

  • 100mm x 50mm (Landscape)
  • 150mm x 100mm (Landscape or Portrait)
  • 150mm x 150mm (Square)
  • A5 210mm x150mm (Landscape or Portrait)
  • A4 298mm x 210mm (Landscape or Portrait)
  • A3 420mm x 298mm (Landscape)
  • US Letter Size 8 1/2" x 11" (Portrait)
  • US Size 14" x 11" (Landscape)

Important note: Please be careful when choosing your label size, to ensure you have the right paper size for your Region.

Paper weight up to 120gsm

UK Installation Instructions PDF:  Click here to download

Video Instructions: Click here to view

Expert Advice

For the smaller sizes of Label Holder with a single screw fixing, displays that may be subject to touching by the public can be 'fixed in place' by putting a small dab of blue tack in one corner on the back of the Label Holder. Then when the holder is level and the screw tightened, it will remain in that position.

When fixing the Label Holder to the wall, we recommend using a 3.5mm dia' screw for our small 100 x 50mm Label Holders, and a 4mm dia' screw for all other sizes.

When installing on a fabric-covered wall, a screw fixing will probably damage the surface of the material. In this instance we recommend using one of the hardened steel pins with a shallow brass head from picture hanger hooks, as these will sit within the countersink and pierce between the fabric threads leaving little or no damage, even, when done carefully, on silk covered walls.

What's Included


  • 1x Backing Place (supplied with countersunk holes ready for screw fixing)
  • 1x Acrylic cover
  • 1x screw fixing (on the smaller sizes only)

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Museum Grade

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