Case Truck

Case Truck

Our Case Truck is the perfect solution for moving large crated sculptures or artworks easily and safely from loading bay to storage and on to the gallery. Its design will accommodate both flat - bottomed boxes, and fork lift crates with timber footings. The close coupled wheels will balance the load without effort and assist in steering, while the over centre load points enable it to climb small steps and curbs.

Price: £235.00

The Case Truck comes with non-marking tyres to keep exhibition floors clean, and is designed to carry a mighty 800kg.

Useful Tips and Guidelines

It is important to ensure that the crate or pallet is loaded centrally, with the load evenly distributed. If the crate or box has a central timber foot then this will be accommodated in the dip of the central spine. It is generally pretty easy to steer the truck around corners because the truck has such a short wheelbase. The truck can be made to mount a short curb or step by pulling back and down on the crate, causing the front wheels to rise.


Download the installation instructions below or contact our support team on: +44 (0)1769 572389