Panel Clips with Hanging Sets

Hanging sets come complete with these panel clips, you can, however, also purchase the clips individually here.

Choose Rod, Cable or Cord:
Choose Length (of rod, cable or cord):
Choose Barrel or Hook (Connection to artwork type):
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Product Description

Drill-Free Hanging:  The Panel Clip is for installations where the wall surface is clad with panels and has an accessible top edge. The stainless steel clips fit over the top of the panel and provides fixing point for our Hanging Sets. The clips have a neoprene pad on the inner surface that sits on the panel preventing sideways slip and cushioning the load.

Our Panel Clips with Hanging Sets include a pair of Panel Clips, as well as, a pair of hanging lengths, top blocks and fixings. You will need one set per artwork. All accessories can also be purchased separately should you wish to hang more than one work per hanging length set.

Note that any panel being attached to a wall must be securely fastened and pre-consideration must be given for the added weight of the artworks. Please contact us for consultation.

Step 1: Choose your hanging length type: Rod, Cable or Cord.
Our modular systems mean you can choose the exact hanging system to suit your panel type. Various technical or aesthetic considerations are used to determine the hanging length type, please note that our Panel Clips will only support 50kg per artwork no matter the type of Hanging Set elements selected:

  • Stainless Steel Rod provides the most rigid installation, can be supplied in silver or white and will support artworks up to 150 kg (Panel Clips up to 50kg).
  • Stainless Steel Cable will provide the strongest flexible cable system and will support artworks up to 60kg (Panel Clips up to 50kg).
  • Perlon Cord is semi-transparent and blends with most surfaces and is the best choice for a discreet installation. Will support artworks up to 25kg.

Step 2: Choose your hanging length drop: 1.5m or 2.5m
Our hanging lengths are available online in 1.5m or 2.5m lengths, however custom lengths are also available. Please contact us.

Step 3: Choose the type of connection to connect with you art: Ryman Barrel or Hook Barrel
Choose a Ryman Barrel for connecting to one of our Ryman Hangers on the back of the artwork. If your artwork has a cord at the back, then choose a Hook Barrel for hanging your artwork.

Key Features of the Panel Clip with Hanging Set:

  • Hang artwork securely onto accessible panels
  • Sympathetic fixing - no drilling or screws to damage panels
  • Strong - can support artworks up to 50 kg
  • Easy to customise - paint your Panel Clip to match your decor
  • 1 pair of panel clips and hanging set is needed per artwork
  • Standard hanging lengths of 1.5 m and 2.5m


Product Specification

 Diagram explaining how panel clips hook over wooden panels.

Type:  Artwork Hanging Solution

Material & Finish:  Varies depending on selection

Dimensions:  Cable, Rod or Cord available in 1.5m or 2.5m length (custom lengths also available, please contact us)

Weight Loading: Panel Clips will only support 50kg per artwork no matter the type of Hanging Set elements selected

UK Installation Instructions PDF:  Click here to download

US Installation Instructions PDF:  Click here to download

Expert Advice

Hanging more than one artwork vertically stacked?

If you would like to hang artworks from our Panel Clip system whereby there are artworks vertically 'stacked' on the same hanging set, you are able to do this (assuming the combined weight is within the Panel Clip and hanging sets maximum capacity). Simply purchase one complete hanging set, then purchase an extra set of artwork connections - either the Ryman Barrels or Hook Barrels.

If you would like any advice specific to your space and artworks about track or hanging sets, please do contact us, a member of our experienced customer care team would be happy to help you.



What's Included


  • 2 x Top Blocks
  • 2 x Hanging Lengths
  • 2 x Barrels (artwork connection)
  • 2x Panel Clips

Not included/You may also require:

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